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About Technology of Change Coaching

With Beverly Nadler

The purpose of Technology of Change coaching is to provide you with the tools and techniques to re-program (change) your subconscious mind. Reprogramming the subconscious is necessary for creating significant, long-lasting changes in your life, because we are all literally "run" by our programming.

First you'll learn how to release undesired subconscious beliefs (programs) and blocked emotional energy from the past. Then, you'll learn processes for "installing" new, desired programming. You will also learn how to handle negative emotions as they come up.

However, before you can effectively use the tools and techniques, your conscious mind needs new information. This information gives you the necessary knowledge and understanding about energy and the workings of your mind. With this knowledge, you'll have reason to believe that what we do together will produce positive results. Further, your understanding of the material that follows will motivate and inspire you to continuously use the technology you learn to improve your life.

The Premises Upon Which the Work is Based

Everything is energy. According to quantum physics, the entire universe is a "unified field of energy" and all that exists - known and unknown, seen and unseen - is electro-magnetic energy, constantly vibrating at its own specific frequency.

The energy of the human mind is extremely powerful and is "creative" in nature. The mind consists of the conscious, subconscious, superconscious and the "critical faculty" (this part does not allow anything new to reach the subconscious). Since everything is energy, your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions are also energy. They are forms of mental energy.

This is a universe of law and order. Everything is subject to natural laws. These laws are called universal laws; they are based on quantum physics and are the same as the laws of energy. They are known and knowable, though they are not generally taught to the public

What you actually get in life is determined by the relationship between what you want, the laws of energy, how you use your mind and your subconscious programs (beliefs).

The above is a simplified version of what was taught in ancient "mystery" and wisdom schools. These metaphysical, spiritual and Hermetic principles are confirmed by science. All change, healing, personal growth and professional success are the result of using these principles - consciously or unconsciously.

About Your Mind

Your subconscious mind functions like a programmed computer. All your beliefs, habits, and behavioral patterns are programs. Your entire life reflects your programming - genetic (talents, personality, body functions) environmental (conditioning from family, teachers, peers, the media, etc,) and what Dr. Carl Jung calls "the collective unconscious" ("mass mind" beliefs, meaning what the masses have accepted as being "true".

Your conscious mind is the part of you that supposedly thinks, chooses and decides. However, most "thoughts" automatic reactions coming from your programming. Your superconscious is the "limitless" part of you that has the Power to re-create your life as you choose. The decision to make changes, however, must come from the free will of your conscious mind. The various parts of your mind use forms of energy (words, images, sounds, intentions) to communicate with each other.

As already stated, in order to make significant, long term changes in any area of your life, your subconscious mind must be "re-programmed". However, this is not easy to do because of "the critical faculty" which prevents anything from reaching the subconscious unless it agrees with current programming. Fortunately, in spite of the critical faculty, the subconscious can be reached and reprogrammed via new information, fascination, auto-suggestion, ritual and repetition and reinforcement (Note: the media spends billions of dollars using these to sell you products and services.)

About Negative Beliefs and Emotions

Before we can "reprogram" the subconscious, we must first "release" old beliefs (programs) and stored emotional energy. Stored emotional energy comes from not appropriately handling negative emotions as they come up. Because our culture considers emotions such as anger, fear, resentment, jealousy, hatred etc., "bad", we usually ignore, deny, bury and suppress them. This causes emotional repression, which becomes blocked energy "stuck" in our mind and body, potentially leading to physical and/or emotional illness.

Contrary to popular opinion, negative emotions have a positive purpose and are therefore "good". They are "warning bells", telling us we are thinking about something we do not like. These thoughts are produced by our subconscious beliefs, which we may or may not be aware of. Negative beliefs trigger negative thoughts, which cause automatic emotional responses. When they come up, these emotions should always be acknowledged ("I am angry at so and so because"), experienced ("feel" the feeling -- even a few seconds will do) and then released in order to stop further accumulation of blocked emotional energy. One way to do this is to "breathe" out the emotion.

The reason I've given you all this information before we work together, is because I know how powerful your mind is. Unless you have enough knowledge to "believe", at least on a conscious level, that these procedures are valuable for you, your mind can negate what you do, no matter how good the tools and techniques are. I want you to expect results, because our ultimate goal is for you to become a deliberate "creato". The process by which this happens is briefly explained below.

The "Creative" Process

Whatever you have/get in your life - desired or undesired - comes to you by Law of Attraction. As already stated, everything is energy. All forms of energy vibrate at their own specific frequency and have their own "energy field". Further, all energy fields are electro-magnetic, continuously attracting and repelling other energy fields. As you radiate your energy field into the unified field of energy, you attract other energy fields - in the form of people, things, conditions, circumstances, events, situations and experiences -- that vibrate at the same frequency and are in resonance with you (just as a radio broadcast and a radio receiver tuned to the same station vibrate in resonance).

Thus, it is with your vibrations (your energy field) that you "attract" what becomes your life. The reason your subconscious programming is so significant, is because the vibrations you project at any given time are determined primarily by your mind.

For more information and to find out about my free 20 minute
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