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November 2, 2007

Dear Beverly,

Itís great to connect with you again. From the time we met twenty four years ago when we both were speaking on The Parker Seminar Programs, I knew you were a masterful teacher and dynamic presenter. I was surprised to find someone who actually taught the Universal Laws at these seminars. It was, as you know, material that was "before its time" for most people.

Today we are in a different time-frame, and now that "The Secret" is capturing the mind and imagination of millions of people -- and awakening them to the fact that we live in an energy universe and create our lives with the energy of our mind -- you can fill in the gaps and missing pieces and show people how to apply this knowledge to enhance their life.

Your extraordinary message and presentation needs to be seen and heard by millions of people. There are not many speakers or authors with your mastery of the crucial foundational principles upon which all healing, self-development and achievement are based. As you know -- since I wrote the introduction to your book, "Vibrational Harmony" -- I consider your book to be a "must" in any serious seekerís personal development library.

Having attended many of your presentations over the years, it is a pleasure for me to recommend you as a fascinating, knowledgeable and exceptional presenter -- for keynotes, workshops, seminars, interviews and any other format. To be able to weave vital material into an inspiring, motivating, entertaining presentation that captivates peoplesí hearts and minds is a rare gift.

The fact that you havenít seemingly aged since we met and that you healed yourself from cancer in 1994, and reprogrammed yourself to permanently lose weight and to love exercise, would make you a sought-after presenter and media guest.

I am inspired to see you touch so many lives!


Dr. John F. Demartini

Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience, noted expert from The Secret, and founder of The Demartini Human Research and Education Foundation

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