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Testimonials - Seminars and Keynotes

I am confident that I speak for all our members and attendees when I say you were one of our most memorable and appreciated guest speakers. Considering that ours is a group of very savvy, practical and focused business people who hear top speakers and trainers in the country, this is no small praise.
Michael Ringel, CCO, Lets Talk Business Network, Inc., NY

It was an inspiration to be part of your program last month. I left feeling that my entire world was about to transform, and I waited until now to let you know that the changes are real and lasting. Everything in my life is better, my marriage, my business, relationships with my children, my feeling about myself. Of course, there are challenges and problems that come up, but I know that's part of life. The difference is, I now have the understanding and "tools" to create what I want. Many teachers promise that, but YOU deliver it. I am eternally grateful.
J.H. telemarketing sales, CA

This is the first presentation that offered me the "TOOLS" to create my life and change my programming. All other books and classes I've taken these many years have fallen short.
M.H. hair stylist, CT

The letters we receive from seminar attendees not only praise your classes for your dynamic presence and exceptional material, they tell us how much you motivate and inspire them to to make significant long-lasting changes in their changes.
Dr. W. Karl Parker, Former President of Parker Chiropractic College, TX

I think and feel this program is FANTASTIC! I was truly inspired, empowered, enlightened. Beverly's clarity, enthusiasm and higher consciousness reality inspired me to activate my higher thinking and energy to come up with extraordinary ideas that I will immediately put into action. I feel validated, recognized and appreciated for my Divine Self and my higher purpose for being here. Beverly is a true Master of sharing and teaching Universal Laws, better than anyone I know.
M. J. W. consultant and author, NY

Your clarity in presenting the information in your workshop was astonishing in its simplicity. The understanding and awareness of personal patterns in my life -- to see them so quickly -- encouraged some instant aha experiences. Your Scripts are easy to use and very profound for their simplicity. Thank you for putting together so much information in one place. Your overview allows me to really see and understand the Unity (of science and theology) you talk about.
Rev. Linda A. Bardes, Science of Mind minister, CT

You are a wonderful presenter, a very special person and an inspiration. We are all really grateful to you. The audience evaluations unanimously said excellent, great, motivational and you left them wanting more. What you gave " your talent and expertise" and the concepts of energy and the spiritual laws, is what we call priceless. We have truly been blessed by your presence and presentation and again, I thank you.
Marian J.Karpan, Founder, President and CEO of Work Talk, NY

Beverly's tremendous ability as a teacher and her grasp of human consciousness and how it interacts with the laws of the universe has truly added a dimension of happiness to my life which I did not have before. Besides providing me the missing piece of information as to hidden inner negative programming, she has also helped me to understand how these laws work, something I couldn't grasp. She truly is an inspiration, for as the student is ready, so this teacher appeared.
Diana Huston, small business owner, FL

I can walk away with real nuts and bolts stuff that allow me to direct and change the mental thought patterns that blocked my desires. I have greater understanding that my negative feelings are indicators that I desire to change and these thoughts are not bad. Raising your vibrations and knowing you CAN, will cause you to attract what you desire into your life. Thank you.
Donald Haggerty, businessman, CT

Your keynote presentation brought clarity about things I wasn't sure of. Now I know that it's ME that has the power in my life. I now know that I can come from choice.
Betty Bianconi, food consultant, NJ

Without exception your impact on our patients was enormous. It is not too much to say you have changed the entire direction of people's lives. The energy you generated will reverberate for a very long time. Words fail me, but "thank you" from the bottom of my heart.
Dr. Roger Mayall, chiropractor, Canada

This seminar was very important to me because Beverly clarifies the Laws that govern the universe. She clearly explains them and shows positive and productive ways to put them into action to get them to work for us. In addition, her down-to-earth style, her humor and her sincerity make it a most comfortable and pleasant experience. I recommend Beverly's program to all who want to really grow and develop, who want to put their knowledge into action. She clearly wants good results for us, and that comes through loud and clear.
D.H. psychotherapist, CT

Attending your seminar was a rare intellectual delight as well as an inspiration. Your deep understanding of the fields of psychology and natural healing was matched by your great enthusiasm and dynamic delivery. Your fantastic and enlightening speaking was enhanced by your superb singing -- for you have a voice that heals. The pleasure and satisfaction of your captivated audience was obvious by the standing ovation you received.
Dr. Shoshana .Margolin, naturapath and author, NY and Israel

If people knew that this program teaches you to understand the Laws of the energy of the Universe and learn how to apply them to your life by focusing thought energy in a positive way thus changing your life, how could anyone not be interested? Thank you
Catherine Hamill, business owner, CT

When I attended your seminar I was very confused about many aspects of my life, and was in that state for over a month. It hasn't been a week since I took the seminar and I already see the changes that listening to you provoked in my life. It has been like magic. You clearly showed me how I can alter my negative thoughts into positives and in so doing attract the things, conditions and people I want into my life. Thank you for making such a profound difference in my life.
D.R., small business owner, NY


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